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Ship your vehicle during a move

Whether you are moving nationally or moving to an international location and owning a car; it is important to think about the choice you make regarding the transport of your vehicle. In fact, in order to organize the move of your vehicle, you must consider a number of points.

Transporting your car when you move: what budget to consider?

When preparing for your move, you necessarily asked yourself the question of the budget you should consider whether you are moving to India or abroad.

This table gives you an average of the prices for the different means of transporting your vehicle so that you have an idea of ​​the price before making your decision.

Please note, it is important to specify that the prices presented do not contain insurance costs or additional costs that may occur such as customs fees for example.

Determining the budget to transport your vehicle also depends on other factors that can influence the price:

Moving your car, what type of transport to choose?

In the event of a move, you have several options for transporting your car, and at different prices.

International moving

Transportation by air:

The first option that you can consider to export your car internationally is air transport:


Fastest means of transport to ship your car internationally


Option which remains overpriced and therefore very difficult to achieve.

If you still decide to use this alternative, know that the prices for transporting your car will depend on several conditions such as the volume of the cargo, the number of customs passages, or the number of stopovers. You can find out more on the website of the Excess International group, an expert in the organization of international transport.

Maritime transport:

The second option that you can choose to ship your car during your move is shipping. Two possibilities present to you:

Ro-Ro, commonly called ro-ro, which represents a mobile access ramp that will allow the loading and unloading of cars. Hence the name Roll on / Roll off:


Economical mode of transport to transport your vehicle.


Security of vehicles that are unlocked by carriers for loading and unloading, increasing the risk of impact.

Car transport by container:


Safer way, container is sealed before departure and during the journey.

Possibility of transporting your personal belongings with your car.


More expensive than ro-ro transport, expect to triple the price for transporting your car compared to the Ro-Ro option.

National relocation

Picture #5

Road transport:

In the event of a national move, the most logical choice to make to transport your car is road transport.

Most :

Reliable for short and direct journeys.

Easier loading and unloading, making it easier to handle your vehicle.

Disadvantage :

May be subject to traffic hazards, bad weather or mechanical breakdowns

Some tips for preparing to ship your car

And then ?

Once you have found the choice that suits you with a budget that seems suitable for transporting your vehicle, you will only have a few simple details to check before handing your car to the transporter. Be sure to check that you have not left any valuables in your vehicle. Also, don't forget to check the condition of your car and keep evidence, in case something goes wrong afterwards.

All you have to do is wait for your car to be delivered.

    • The distance: Of course, the greater the distance, the more the price increases.
    • Deadlines: The more early you get to requesting quotes, the more you save. The shorter the deadlines, the more the prices increase.
    • Time of year: Note that at certain times of the year, prices are higher for certain means of transport. Especially in summer, for example, when demand is higher.
    • Type of vehicle: A large 4 × 4 type car is bound to cost you more than a Clio.
    • Remove all your personal belongings.
    • Turn off your car alarm.
    • Make sure you have enough fuel in your vehicle, vehicle transport companies will ask you. If not, they will charge you for the fuel to add.
    • Remove any removable accessory from your vehicle.
    • Ensure easy access to the seats and unlock the doors of your car.
    • Check the condition of your car before and after shipment.

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