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Using a moving company is the safest solution if you are moving abroad. A specialized company guarantees that you get your items safely to your new address and country of destination. For an international move or a European move, be sure to choose the best moving company that will meet your needs and will accompany you in all the steps and formalities required.

Minimize the costs of your international move

Due to the long distances, shipping methods, and various factors to consider in the total cost, an international move is very expensive. To reduce your costs and your budget, do not hesitate to request several quotes and compare the services offered. Simply complete this online form and receive up to 6 quotes from qualified international moving companies. select the best rates suited to your needs and choose the level of service and option that best suits you. Save up to 40% on the total cost - which is a considerable amount for an international move.

What is the price of an international move?

When you move and settle abroad, probably the biggest expense to plan for is the cost of an international moving company. The main variables that determine the price of your international move are:

The volume of your move

The more things you have to take with you, the more expensive the move will be because prices are in part determined by the weight and volume of the load;

The distance

Depending on your destination, the transportation costs will be higher;

The transport route

Some routes are more travelled than others and will therefore be cheaper due to competition and increased supply, and some destinations are better served (also take into account the geopolitical aspect of your destination country);

The mode of transport

The price also varies depending on the mode of transport chosen, with air freight being the most expensive and sea freight the most economical.

The stages of an international move

An international move can be broken down into three stages, which take place at different times and involve appropriate measures:

Collection / removal


Delivery and customs clearance

Step 1 of your international move: removal

This step includes packing services according to your request and loading your goods. These are either loaded and collected directly from your home to your final destination, or transported on a vehicle in transit to the sea or air container. Depending on the level of service you require, several packaging options are offered by international moving companies.

Complete packaging:

Professional movers take care of packing all of your belongings. Let international moving experts take care of the packing and packing of your personal belongings for export, to make sure your valuables travel safely.

Partial packaging:

You may choose to use the assistance of moving services to specifically pack a few things. You just need to specify the goods that need to be packed and wrapped, whether it is a piece of furniture or several small items.

Fragile packaging:

For some easily damaged, fragile or valuable items, special packaging methods or additional protection are necessary. Fragile items such as china, glass, lamps or paintings will be packed appropriately and in such a way that they travel in good condition and in complete safety.

Special demands :

For moving large or heavy objects, such as a piano or a vehicle, also requires specific knowledge and equipment. To transport these items, it is sometimes necessary to hire more movers or to have some type of equipment and to prevent them from being damaged.


For moving small volumes. Depending on the formula chosen, you have the choice to bring your belongings directly to the carrier and the port of departure, or choose to have the container delivered directly to your home in order to take care of the loading yourself, it will then be delivered to the carrier.

However, it will take you longer than if you use the packing services of professional and customary movers abroad. They will also take care to ensure that your items are properly conditioned, as they will sometimes be sealed for several weeks.

Step 2 of your international move: transport

Your goods can be transported in several ways depending on the country of destination, the desired speed and your moving budget. Compare the different means of transport and the prices of an international move.

1-Air transport:

Air freight will be the fastest way to move your belongings, and get you settled in your new home much faster. However, air freight is also the most expensive and much less profitable mode of transportation, especially if you have a large volume of goods to transport.

2-Road transport:

It is the most frequently used mode for removals to continental Europe in particular. It is also possible to opt for combi-transport, combining road transport and rail transport. You can choose between full or partial loading.

3-Maritime transport:

The maritime container is the most economical means of transport in terms of price per cubic meter. However, depending on your destination, the route taken, the choice of container and the moving date, moving by boat is also the longest mode. Allow an average of 2 to 6 weeks. There are three types of sea freight and container:

Last step of your international move: delivery

Delivery consists of transporting your belongings to your new home, unloading them, unpacking them and reassembling the furniture. Once the container arrives at the destination seaport, your cargo is transported by road to your new residence.

Door-to-door international moving service:

And, depending on the services chosen, the movers will also take care of unloading and unpacking your belongings in the corresponding rooms. This is most often called the door-to-door service according to the formula chosen in your international moving quote.

Please note, otherwise, you must collect your belongings at the port of arrival, once customs clearance has been completed. You must therefore find a third-party solution on site to transport your belongings, especially if the volume is important.

Customs' formalities :

Remember that you must first have completed all the formalities required to clear your belongings. Each country determines its own rules and formalities, so you must inform yourself upstream about the terms and conditions to be met, but also the type of goods that you are entitled to bring. Note that this procedure is also applicable for a move from mainland France to a department of the French overseas departments and territories and that customs fees are payable depending on the type of object.

In particular, international removal companies are there to guide you in all these steps. This last step can take some time and lengthen the expected routing and delivery times, for example, but also increase your costs if the container is immobilized longer than expected by customs.

Storage service:

Finally, if you do not yet have accommodation on site and cannot receive your belongings on time, you can choose to store your personal belongings for a temporary period. If you are not yet sure what your situation will be, be sure to check which companies offer storage service or not, so that it is easy for you to request this service when you are there.

Moving to Europe

If you move to a country in mainland Europe, the cost will be much lower than to other destinations like North America or Asia. The proximity and the free movement of goods in Europe make European removals much easier to organize, but also faster and economical.

International moving and combi-transport

Although shipping your goods by air is the fastest way, it is usually more expensive than by sea or by road. Sea transportation is the cheapest option, but it will take longer for your goods to reach the port of destination. Use this option if your departure or arrival residence is near a port, for example.

You can also opt for combi-transport by sea and transport and delivery by road. Besides these two possibilities, you can also choose road transport, which is cheaper and faster. Thanks to a good connection in Europe, via road networks, road transport is the most frequent choice.

Procedures for an international move

As with international long distance moves, moving companies help you with all aspects of your move to a European country. Support that is all the more useful for all your settlement procedures in your new country, or to take care of customs formalities for you. This valuable service allows you to optimize your time and devote yourself to your change of address and to organizing your move and your new installation.

Consider insurance for an international move

Any move in mainland France or abroad is covered by movers insurance. However, international moves involve long distances and longer transit times and it is essential to be fully insured. Although most international movers have basic insurance, this usually does not cover you up to the value of your belongings and offers you limited coverage.

Insure your valuables

To be better compensated, we recommend that you take out moving insurance for your valuables in an amount equivalent to the replacement price of the property or its current value. Unlike national moves, your usual private insurance does not cover you outside the territory.

Moving value declaration

You must first select among the goods to take those to be insured, then complete the declaration of value to give to your insurer before your move. This document allows you to confirm the condition of your goods before transport. In the event that you need to make a claim after delivery, be aware that you have a limited time to complete these steps, the number of days depending on your insurance company.

We encourage you to check your insurer's claims process to be sure it is clear and easy to understand, and generally to make your claim as soon as possible.

How to insure your personal belongings?

To reduce your insurance costs, first think about what property you want to insure. For example, an item that you will have difficulty replacing in your new country should be insured. In addition, it is in your best interest to find the insurance company that best meets your needs. While most moving companies offer insurance, you don't have to buy it. There are other third party companies available.

Choose the right company to facilitate your international move

If you are looking for a moving company for your transfer to another country, comparing the quotes will help you make the best decision. Take the time to evaluate the offers and compare the services offered, so that you can choose the company that is best for you. With the possibility of saving up to 40%, this is the best way to reduce moving costs, especially since an international move requires more financial resources. Take a minute to complete the form and receive up to 6 quotes from trusted international moving companies.

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