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8 most important facts for drivers to stop Co-vid 19 from spreading.

What is corona virus?

From the guidelines and research of WHO (World Health Organisation), the corona virus can unroll from one disease career to another person through small droplets from mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. The droplets can stick on surface, objects, or person around. The virus in droplets can stay in air or on surface for 6 to 12 hour or in some cases more than 12 hours and if someone come in contact with that surface, objects and person and then touches his/her eyes, nose and mouth he or she will get the infection. If a corona virus infected person sneezes or coughs and some persons are close and breathes in the droplets that person will also get the corona virus disease.

Reasons why corona virus can spread in mean of transport?

Long routes drivers charters by transportation service companies has high chances of infection for the reason that they constantly encounter possible source of subjection such as lorry stop attendants, dock workers, warehouses staff, workers, petrol pump and other drivers.they spend most of there time in vehicle. They need to pay attention to notable hygiene procedure like constant use Sanitiser or washing hand regularly for atleat 20 seconds , keep the lorry proper ventilated and wearing of face mask before meeting someone with maining social distance.

Here are some Important safety procedures to get rid of the risk of COVID-19 :

Masks and gloves

In the time of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the centers for disease control and infection have promoted the use of face masks and gloves in public places. If mask is unavailable you can use bandanas, scarves and handkerchief for your own safety. Transportation services corporation should inform there drivers that its is compulsory to wear face mask because face mask is the better way to protect against COVID-19.

Healthy work environment

All the transport service provider should plan and carry out the that allow deliveries without any contact with others.the sharing of the items such as pens, foods, water and other daily basis items should be avoided between drivers. The daily basis packed item should be provided by transportation services companies. And transportation services companies should provide their drivers vitamin C rich fruits, vegetables and tablets.

Petrol pumps

If you are long routes driver, you will to fill up the fuel.petrol pump is a place where you need to be very careful about cleanliness. Maintain social distance of at least 2 meters with the fuel filler. If viable, prefer self service gas station after filling up your gas tank wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or sanitise your hand with higher alcohol based sanitiser straight away.

Payment method

Cash can carry many viruses which can make you sick and when a pandemic is announced, you should avoid using cash. Make the payments by debit,credit or any others card. We are living in a digital world now a days you can make your payment online by ApplePay , GooglePay , Amazon Pay, Paytm and many other digital portal's. This can help you to avoid any kind of contact with others which will avoid infection.

Proper sleep

Long routes drivers, operate there vehicle for several days, drivers must have proper sleep for staying healthy with good immunity, and for this if you rent a hotel during this pandemic its a bad idea.avoid renting hotels take a proper sleep in your vehicle this prevent contact with others and will make you risk free during pandemic.take proper sleep avoid hassle because health is first.

Healthy food

On a long route driver should carry important utensil to make there own food avoid eating in dhabas or in restaurant.make you own food by yourself. Have fruits like banana,orange and apple wash them properly before eating. Avoid eating junk food eat healthy and self made food.

What about public restroom?

The public restroom can be the biggest cause of corona virus transmitter. Take your own toilet with you and don't forget about the senitiser , senitise everything before using the restroom room and after using restroom wash your hand at least for twenty 20 seconds.

Symptoms of corona virus

In some case there are no symptoms present in a patient after infection whereas in most of the cases there are symptoms present in a COVID-19 infected patient like fever, cough and cold, headache and shortness of breath. if the driver have any of these symptoms he should immediately rush to doctor.

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